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Is a Lifestyle.
The 2U Rent a Car is more than a car rental, 2U Renting a car is a lifestyle. Based on our personal experiences we identified a "flaw" in the car rental market. Rental companies are focused on quantity of rentals and not on quality and personalization. Analyzing this flaw appears the 2U Rent a Car rental with a concept where the customer will not be surprised by a similar car, will not face long lines to make a lease after a long and tiring trip. 2U Rent a Car has the well being of its customers as the main focus so we offer customized pick-up and delivery to our cars, ie the customer chooses where they want to receive the car. We can deliver at the arrival gate of the airport, at the hotel or at another location desired by the customer. We are located in South Florida in Miami, but we also serve the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando regions. Let the 2U Rent a Car fulfill your dream of driving a luxurious car, be it for family or a convertible feeling the wind of sunny Florida in the face. To expedite the removal of the car we carry out the entire leasing process before the client arrives. At the date, time and place determined the customer 2U Rent a Car will receive the vehicle without red tape and without the terrible queues of the car agencies.