FAQ – 2u

Frequently Questions

What is the minimum age to rent a car?
Anyone over 21 years of age with clean driving records and a valid driving license can rent a 2U Rent a Car car, you should not have IUD convictions, major violations on the move or similar infractions or this will prohibit you to rent with us.
2U Rent a Car rents for international visitors?
Yes, all our vehicles are available to international customers as long as they have valid passports and driver's licenses from their country of origin.
Can I add drivers to my rental?
Yes, additional drivers will be accepted when previously informed and if you are over 21 years. To add an extra driver you must provide your country's valid passport and driver's license.
Can I cancel my reservation at any time?
If you cancel or do not show up for your reservation you will be charged 100% of the total cost of the rental as a cancellation fee.
What payment methods do you accept?
2U Rent a Car accepts VISA and Mastercard as payment method for rentals, damages or security deposits and fees.
When will my card be charged?
The moment you confirm the reservation.
Is there anything I can not do when loco a car?
The policy of 2U Rent a Car prohibits the use of vehicles: For any illegal purposes or illegal activity; For any person without a driver's license or driver who has a suspended or restricted license To push or tow anything; To exceed any speed limits; On any unpaved surface; For transportation of persons or property for rent; In any race, rally, speed contest, speed test, speed resistance contest, demonstration, or on or near any race track or road. To teach someone to drive. If these prohibited uses occur, we reserve the right to remotely deactivate your rented vehicle and recover it immediately without refund of any amount.
Can I drive the car I rented to anywhere?
Cars may not be driven out of the state of Florida without written permission. If the car is driven out of the state of Florida without prior authorization the vehicle will be remotely deactivated and retrieved by 2U Rent a Car immediately without refund of any amount.
How many miles do I qualify for at my location?
We recommend that the customer check the mileage (miles) included before completing the reservation, as each category of car has different amount of mileage (miles) included.
If my luggage does not fit in the rental car, does the 2U Rent a Car offer extra service?
Yes, airport / hotel and hotel / airport transfer services are offered. Do not forget to make your prior appointment.
What happens if I get a penalty during the rental period?
The renter is responsible for all traffic fines, overspeed, parking or other tickets and violations issued while the vehicle is in his possession and must pay any and all penalties, fees, towing charges or vehicle seizure costs.