Política de Privacidade – 2u

Política de Privacidade

Definitions: The term “Car” means the motor vehicle identified on the front of this document, its replacement, if any, including all of its parts, tires, tools, equipment, accessories and operating together with all other documents which I sign in connection with MY rental of the Car, and together with the rental jacket. The terms “Renter”, “I”, “Me” and “My” mean the person(s) who sign this Agreement. The terms “2U”, “You” and “Your” mean 2U Rent a Car LLC.

Rental, Use and Return of Car: I rent from 2U Rent a Car the Car and I agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The name and address I provided, as they appear on this Agreement, are correct and I acknowledge that any notices will be sent to me at that address. I agree the Car will only be used in the State of Florida. I will return the Car on the date indicated in this Agreement or sooner on 2U Rent a Car demand. The Car must be returned to the agreed return location as specified in this Agreement, unless I receive written permission from 2U Rent a Car to return the Car to a different location in which case a rate change and special charges may apply.

Rental Charges: I will pay for the number of miles I drive and the length of time I rent the Car at the time and mileage rates specified on this Agreement. The minimum rental charge is for one rental day. Rental days consist of consecutive 24-hour period starting at the time the rental begins, including any partial 24-hour period or portion of a calendar day. Mileage charges, including those for extra miles, if any are based on the per mile rate specified on this Agreement. The number of miles driven is determined by subtracting the Car’s odometer reading at the beginning of rental from the reading when the Car is returned, excluding tenths of miles. The per mile rate is then multiplied by the number of miles allowed, as specified on this Agreement.

Fuel Service Charge: I am required to return the Car with a least the same amount of fuel as when I received it. If I elect not to refuel the Car, 2U Rent a Car  will provide the service of refueling the car and 2U Rent a Car will charge Me for this refueling service at the rate $6.99 (per Gallon).

Other Charges: CDW, PAI, PEI or SLI charges, if applicable, are due and payable in full for each full or partial rental day, at the rates specified on this Agreement. If I remove the Car from the State of Florida, I will still pay these charges even though CDW, PAI, PEI and SLI will be void. I will pay all taxes, surcharges, airport fees and charges for miscellaneous services which apply to the rental (an airport concession recoupment fee may also be added), unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law. Sales, Use & Excise taxes, tax reimbursement, airport related fees, vehicle licensing fees, surcharges and similar taxes and fees are charged to Me (or recovered from Me) as and where required or permitted by applicable law. I understand that a surcharge is not a tax.

Personal Effects (“PEI”) Insurance: If I accept PEI, I will pay the daily rate specified on this Agreement for each rental day, even if I don’t have the Car for the entire rental day.

Personal Accident Insurance (“PAI”): If I accept PAI, I will pay the daily rate specified on this Agreement for each rental day, even if I don’t have the Car for the entire rental day. Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”): If I accept CDW, which is not insurance, I will pay the daily rate specified on this Agreement for each rental day, even if I don’t have the Car for the entire rental day. CDW is not insurance. CDW is 2U Rent a Car’s waiver of MY responsibility for damage to the Car, subject to the rules and regulations for CDW set forth on this Agreement and in the CDW NOTICE posted at the location where I rented the Car, which I acknowledge reading. CDW does not apply to loss of or damage to tires, hubcaps, broken windshield and/or windows, My negligence or theft.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (“SLI”): If I accept SLI, I will pay the daily rate specified on this Agreement for each rental day, even if I don’t have the Car for the entire rental day. SLI provides the Renter and any authorized driver with protection up to an aggregate combined single limit per accident of U.S. $1,000,000.00, for bodily injury, death and/or property damage to others arising out of the permitted use or operation of the Car during the rental period by the Renter on an authorized driver, under a separate policy of excess liability insurance more fully described in the insurance policy issued to 2U Rent a Car (a copy of which is available for inspection at the rental office during business hours). 2U Rent a Car is not an insurer and SLI is provided by a separate company. Additional exclusions, limitations, rules and regulations for SLI are provided in the insurance policy (which shall at all times control in the event of any conflict with other documents), on the Agreement and in the SLI NOTICE posted at the location where I rented the Car which I acknowledge reading.

Fines, deductibles & Expenses; Privacy; Limited Power of Attorney: By initialing the appropriate space, you indicate that you carry valid physical damage insurance coverage and have accepted the INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE WAIVER and will be responsible for and pay all parking, traffic & other violations (plus a $25.00 administrative fee to 2U Rent a Car for each violation), all fines including $1.500,00 deductible in any case (regardless the responsibility) of damages, towing, storage and impoundment liens and fees, tolls, court cost, penalties, interest, attorneys fees and other costs and expenses, assessed against or paid by 2U Rent a Car arising out of, or in any connected with, the rental, possession, use or operation of the Car by Me or by others with My permission. Exclusions: The insurance does not apply to any of the following: a) Window damages $299.00 b) Damage to Rims $199.00 c) Interior Damage or broken parts $199.00 d) Scratches at the vehicle $199.00 e) Dents $199.00 f) In any race, contest or training activity $2,999.00 g) Damages on tires $199.00 h) By any violation of the rental agreement i) By any driver other than the renter or an authorized driver. I and any other authorized driver(s) authorize 2U Rent a Car to release to any person or entity any information relating to Me and any other person uses the Car. I grant 2U Rent a Car a limited Power of Attorney to present claims for damage to or loss of the Car to My insurance carrier.

Payment of Charges; Charge Card Reserve: I, and any other person or entity I direct 2U Rent a Car to bill, are jointly and severally responsible to pay all charges due the Agreement (the “Charges”). If I use a charge (credit or debit) card to pay for Charges, I authorize 2U Rent a Car to reserve credit (or money) with the card issuer at the time of rental in an amount that is at least equal to all estimated Charges, based upon MY representation about this rental, and to process appropriate voucher(s) or payment slip(s) for all estimated Charges at the time of (and during) rental and for all additional Charges at (and after) the completion of the rental. 2U Rent a Car may audit all Charges. Charges not known to 2U Rent a Car at the completion of the rental are due and payable immediately upon being billed by 2U Rent a Car. If payment was by charge (credit or debit) card, I authorize 2U Rent a Car to correct the Charges with the card issuer (including changing any voucher(s) or slip(s) I sign), including billing for additional Charges. 2U Rent a Car will notify Me of any correction.

Collections: All charges, fees and expenses, including payment for loss of or damage to the car are due at 2U Rent a Car request and I assign to 2U Rent a Car all proceeds from coverage under credit card plans or other insurance demand. I agree to pay a late charge of 1.5% per month on all past due balances. I will pay any collection costs, including 2U Rent a Car attorneys’ fees. 2U Rent a Car may contact Me or My employer at My place of business in connection with 2U Rent a Car collections.

Prohibited Uses and Violations: The following uses of the Car are strictly prohibited. The Car may not be used: (1) by anyone other than the Renter or the authorized driver(s) named in the Agreement; (2) to intentionally cause bodily injury or property damage; (3) or taken outside of the territorial limits of the State of Florida; (4) in any willful or wanton misconduct; (5) in a reckless manner; (6) to carry passengers outside of the passenger compartment; (7) without the use of approved seat belts or approved child seats or other child restraints; (8) if the driver is impaired, intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other absorbed elements which may adversely effect a person’s ability to drive safely; (9) for any purpose that could be charged as a crime such as the illegal transportation of persons, drugs or contraband; (10) to tow or push anything; (11) to carry passengers or property for hire; (12) in a test, race, rally, contest, demonstration, to teach driving, on unpaved roads, or beyond its rated passenger, cargo and operating capacity and specifications; (13) to carry explosives or radioactive material; (14) if the Car has been obtained from 2U Rent a Car by fraud or misrepresentation. I agree that I will not intentionally destroy damage or aid in the theft of the Car, nor will I fail to remove the keys or to close and lock/secure all doors, windows, the trunk and hood. Any prohibited use of the Car will constitute a breach of this Agreement, rending any all optional coverages or protection elected hereunder null and void.

Authorized Drivers: I am the authorized driver of the Car if I have a valid Driver license, am named on the front of this document and meet all of 2U Rent a Car rental requirements. An additional authorized driver is authorized only if they pay additional driver charge and person has a valid Driver’s license and is named on the front. All other persons are unauthorized to operate the Car.

Loss or Damage to Car: I will pay 2U Rent a Car for all damage to or loss of the Car, including 2U Rent a Car  loss of use and administrative charges, regardless of who is at fault. Any limitation of responsibility must be stated on the front of this document. If 2U Rent a Car elects not to repair the Car, I will pay 2U Rent a Car the retail value of the Car before it was damaged, less any amount 2U Rent a Car receives for salvage. If I accept CDW at the time of rental, which is not insurance, 2U Rent a Car will waive My responsibility for such damage to the Car, but this waiver is null and void and I will be responsible for the full amount of such damage if the Car is not used according to the terms of, or I breach, this Agreement. I will promptly report any accident, damage or theft to 2U Rent a Car and the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Liability Information: Unless contrary to state law or otherwise provided in this Agreement, 2U Rent a Car does not provide insurance to Me or any other authorized driver while operating the Car. If 2U Rent a Car is required by state law to provide, then same will be provided only up to the minimum financial responsibility limits required by applicable law. If coverage is provided, 2U Rent a Car has no duty to defend after paying the limits of such coverage. I agree that any amount over the limit of coverage that may be provided by 2U Rent a Car will be covered by Me or My liability policy and I will indemnify 2U Rent a Car for and hold 2U Rent a Car harmless from any losses. All terms and conditions of any applicable insurance which may be provided by 2U Rent a Car are incorporated into this Agreement. There is no coverage in Mexico. REJECTION OF UNINSURED MOTORIST PROTECTION: I am rejecting uninjured motorist coverage under this Agreement, for Me and all other passengers of the Car. Uninsured motorist coverage protects Me and Other passengers in the Car for losses and damages sustained if injury is caused by the negligence of a driver who does not have any insurance to pay for losses and damages. Underinsured motorist coverage is also rejected by 2U Rent a Car and I to the extent permitted by law. 2 Rent a Car provides no coverage whatsoever to unauthorized drivers. SUBJECT TO LAW ANY LIABILITY COVERAGE AND ANY ENROLLMENT IN AN OPTIONAL PRODUCT SELECTED, IS VOID AND OF NO FORCE OR EFFECT IF AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT OR LOSS ANY OF THE “PROHIBITED USES AND VIOTATIONS.” OCCURRED THERE IS NO BODILY INJURY LIABILITY COVERAGE FOR CLAIMS BETWEEN ME AND ANYONE RESIDING IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD AS ME.

Repossessing the Car: 2U Rent a Car can repossess the Car anytime the Car is found illegally parked, being used to violate the law or the terms of this Agreement, appears to be abandoned, or is not returned on the due back date indicated on Agreement. 2U Rent a Car can also repossess if I made any misrepresentation to obtain the Car. 2U Rent a Car needn’t notify Me in advance.

Repairs: I must receive 2U Rent a Car prior approval for service to the Car or for replacement of a part or accessory on it by telephoning the nearest 2U Rent a Car office. If I do not do so I understand that I may not be reimbursed for repairs, parts or accessories expenses that I incur while renting the Car.

Limits on Liability; Disclaimer of Warranties: 2U Rent a Car shall not be liable to Me or any authorized driver(s) for any indirect, special or consequential damages (including lost profits) arising in any way out of the rental, possession, use or operation of the Car or any matter coverage by this Agreement. 2U RENT A CAR MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. 4U RENT A CAR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES (WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED) INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR THAT THE CAR IS FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Property Left in 2U Renta a Cars Possession: 2U Rent a Car will not be responsible for loss or damage to any property left in or on the Car. 2U Rent a Car premises or service vehicle, or received or handled by 2U Rent a Car, regardless of who is at fault. I am responsible for claims made by others for such loss or damage.

Waiver or Change of  Terms; Lawsuits: No terms or provision in the Agreement may be waived or changed except by a writing signed by either the President or Vice-President of 2U Rent a Car. The Car rental and the Agreement shall be governed by the substantive law of the State of Florida, without giving effect to the choice of laws rules thereof. Venue for any action reacting to this Agreement shall be Miami-Dade County, Florida. I agree to pay 2U Rent a Car reasonable attorneys’ fee and costs in any lawsuit relating to this Agreement, including appeals. If make a claim against 2U Rent a Car, I agree to provide 2U Rent a Car with a detailed statement under oath in support of the claim. I WAIVE MY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL IN ANY LAWSUIT RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT.

Breach of Agreement: Any breach of this Agreement will automatically terminate the rental agreement, will (to the extent not prohibited by law) void CDW, PAI, PEI and SLI, and will make Me responsible, to fullest extent permitted by law, for the actual and consequential damages to 2U Rent a Car and others caused by the breach, together with 2U Rent a Car related cost and attorney’s fees.